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ESR Deadline & Submission

Filing Requirement- UAE Economic Substance Regulations (ESR)

As part of the UAE’s commitment as a member of the OECD Inclusive Framework, and in response to an assessment of the UAE’s tax framework by the European Union (“EU”) Code of Conduct Group on Business Taxation, the UAE introduced a Resolution on the Economic Substance (Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No.31 of 2019, the “Regulations”) on 30 April 2019,

The Regulations are effective from 1 January 2019.
There are two filing requirements under the Regulations:

I. ESR Notification; and
II. Annual ESR Return.

UAE Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 58 of 2019, issued on 4 September 2019, identifying the relevant Regulatory Authorities responsible for supervision and enforcement of the Regulations. Regulatory Authorities have set requirements, deadlines, and format of ESR Notification. The requirements, deadlines, and format of ESR Notification are not consistent and vary from other ESR forms.

Please click given below link to download brief summary of ESR Deadlines & Submission